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2022-09-14: News Headlines

Contributing Writers (2022-09-14). Video: The Corona Crisis: "We're Dealing with Homicide, Maybe Even Murder", Forced Vaccines in Nursing Homes/ By Peter Koenig and Reiner Fuellmich. marktaliano.net

TeleSUR -ysm, DRL (2022-09-14). Presidente ruso espera reunirse con homólogo chino en cumbre regional. telesurtv.net El evento marcará el primer viaje al extranjero del mandatario chino desde el inicio de la pandemia de la Covid-19.

Emanuel Pastreich (2022-09-14). 9/11 versus Covid: 21 Years of Wandering in the Fog after 9/11 Has Opened the "Gates of Hell" globalresearch.ca

Fight Back (2022-09-14). University of Wisconsin Health backs down as nurses threaten to strike for union recognition. fightbacknews.org Madison, WI — On September 12, a tentative agreement was reached between nurses at University of Wisconsin Health (UW Health) and administration over management recognition of their union, represented by SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin. Nurses at UW Health had lost their union after their contract expired in 2014 and the administration refused to bargain, citing Wisconsin's "Act 10" law. The effort for renewed recognition was restarted as of 2019. | Demands to recognize their union, which represents approximately 2400 Nurses in Madison, had been rejected up to now. Nurses there submitted a ten-day notice to…

Labor Video Project (2022-09-14). Terrorism, Racism & Union Busting Against SEIU1021 SF General Hospital Workers By HR DPH. indybay.org Workers and SEIU 1021 SF General Hospital union leaders reported on the epidemic of bullying, racist discrimination and union busting by DPH and CCSF HR. The City has spent over $100 million on paying for illegal discrimination, defendant lawyers and City lawyers to defend illegal racist attacks and systemic racism.

WSWS (2022-09-14). Federal judge rules HIV prevention drug coverage unconstitutional on "religious freedom" grounds. wsws.org Since their approval in the last decade HIV PrEP treatments have become one of the necessary measures required to prevent further transmission of the virus, with the US CDC crediting its use with the decline in HIV diagnoses.

Richard Eskow (2022-09-14). Covid-19 and 9/11: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Cares. commondreams.org Washington must address the ongoing Covid crisis now.

Fight Back (2022-09-13). UIC students want free reproductive health clinic. fightbacknews.org Chicago, IL – On September 7, 30 students marched at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) to demand the administration open a reproductive health clinic on campus that is free for students and the community. | Despite its roughly $3.6 billion budget, the university hasn't taken any steps to provide reproductive healthcare for its students. Other demands included access to birth control and an end to the university's contracts with companies based in heartbeat bill states. | The action, which drew members from Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) and Freed…

Brett Wilkins (2022-09-13). 'Follow the Money': Sanders Explains Why Medicare for All Stalled in Congress. commondreams.org "Since 1998, in our corrupt political system, the private healthcare sector has spent more than $10.6 billion on lobbying and over the last 30 years it has spent more than $1.7 billion on campaign contributions to maintain the status quo."

Anonymous103 (2022-09-13). Indonesia's G 20 Chairmanship: Balancing On A Diplomatic Tightrope. southfront.org Written by Indonesia's geopolitical plate is piling up as the archipelago state prepares to host the Group of 20 (G20) summit and associated gatherings in November, including the Religion 20,(R20), a high-level meeting of religious leaders, the first under the G20's auspices. | The challenges and opportunities for Indone…

Contributing Writers (2022-09-13). Remdesivir Wrongful Death Landmark Lawsuit Filed Against Three Hospitals in Fresno, California/ By Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet. marktaliano.net By Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet Global Research, September 13, 2022 Truth for Health Foundation 9 September 2022 Original Link Here: Remdesivir Wrongful Death Landmark Lawsuit Filed Against Three Hospitals in Fresno, California &#1 ; Global ResearchGlobal Research &#1 ; Centre for Research on Globalization ..]…

Carl Boggs (2022-09-13). Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the Politics of COVID: Calling the Liberals to Account. globalresearch.ca

Dr. Emanuel Garcia (2022-09-13). How to Open a Mind: How Can "We Wake People Up" to the Dangers of the Covid Jab. globalresearch.ca

Staff (2022-09-13). Taliban official says Iran supports Afghanistan health sector. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Sep. 13 (MNA) — A Taliban official says the Islamic Republic supports Afghannisyan health sector in different fields.

Peter Koenig (2022-09-13). Video: The Corona Crisis: "We're Dealing with Homicide, Maybe Even Murder", Forced Vaccines in Nursing Homes. globalresearch.ca

Enrico Trigoso (2022-09-13). 'Metal-Like Objects' Found in 94 Percent of Group Who Had Symptoms After Taking mRNA Vaccines: Italian Study. globalresearch.ca

Contributing Writers (2022-09-13). Health Canada Approves Pfizer's Experimental COVID Vaccine for Six-month-old Babies/ By Jack Bingham. marktaliano.net

Mark Niu (2022-09-13). COVID-19 brings high-tech pet care. america.cgtn.com During the COVID-19 pandemic, isolated without much to do, Americans adopted millions of dogs and cats. But that strains veterinary resources when the cuddly creatures need care.

WSWS (2022-09-13). North Carolina Supreme Court rules that nurses can be held criminally liable for medical errors. wsws.org The decision, which overturns a 90-year-old precedent, is the latest attack on health care workers and erodes their rights.

Dr. Jennifer Margulis (2022-09-13). 'Unethical' and up to 98 Times Worse Than the Disease: Top Scientists Publish Paradigm-Shifting Study About COVID-19 Vaccines. globalresearch.ca

WSWS (2022-09-12). Florida Democrat Charlie Crist taps Miami/Dade teachers' union head as running mate in gubernatorial election. wsws.org In naming Hernandez-Mats, Crist is boosting a union bureaucrat who carried out the demands of Biden, the NEA and the AFT that schools be reopened at the height of the Delta and Omicron surges of COVID-19.

WSWS (2022-09-12). "We should be striking too": Former Allina nurse says small hospitals should join walkout. wsws.org A former nurse at Regina Medical Center in Hastings, Minnesota, reviews the issues confronting nurses and details how the Minnesota Nurses Association has divided different sections of health care workers.

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